We offer an in-house full service advanced Prototyping shop with equipment including:

• Injection Molding Machine (2oz)
• Industrial Plastic 3D Printers (FDM)
• Industrial Full Spectrum Color 3D Printer
• Large Scale Thermoformer (Vacuum Forming, 30"x36")
• 5-axis CNC Milling Machine, 3-axis Milling Machine and Metal Lathe
• Metal Casting equipment
• Sheet Metal bending and PEM insertion equipment
• TIG and MIG Welders
• Electronics Equipment; Oscilloscope, Soldering Stations, etc
• Paint Booth and equipment
• Various other Shop equipment; Bandsaws, Drill Presses, etc
• Full Professional Video Production & Photography Studio and equipment
• CAD/FEA Software Suites

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